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Right of Way maps are available for direct download through the Caltrans District 4 ‘Maps on Demand’ web map application. A brief instructional video demonstrating how to use the web map application can be found here. If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact the District 4 Right of Way Public Records Counter at D4-RWE-Records@dot.ca.gov; (510) 286-5257.

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. . . depict the current status of all real properties under the jurisdiction and control of Caltrans, including operating rights of way, excess lands, access rights, or other real property interests. Maps available in the District 4 R/W Web Map application or by email request include:

Record Maps: which depict Right of Way lines, legal access control, Easements outside the State’s Rights of Way, Joint Use & Consent for Common Use Agreements (JUA/CCUA), Excess Lands, and areas previously under state jurisdiction which have been relinquished or vacated

Monumentation Maps: which depict the locations and descriptions of durable survey monuments set at (or near) angle points, beginning and ending of curve points and radii in the State’s Right of Way

Appraisal Maps: which depict land improvements acquired for recent transportation facility improvements in relation to the State Highway Right of Way and are the basis of additions to or modifications of the existing Record Map collection.

*Survey Control Notes and Aerial Photos can be requested via this link


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