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SR-133 EA 0N060 Safety Project

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This safetyproject is on State Route 133 (Rte-133) from roughly 1,700 feet south to 1,200 feet north of the Rte-133/El Toro Road intersection (PM 3.1 to PM 3.6). The proposed project is located in the city of Laguna Beach in South Orange County. This segment of Rte-133 is operating with collisions at a higher than average rate due to the nonstandard lane drop in both directions in the vicinity of the Rte-133 and El Toro Road intersection.

This project intends to reduce the collision rate at this location by eliminating the existing lane drop in the northbound direction, extending the second lane in the southbound direction and reassigning the exclusive right-turn lane to an optional right/left turn lane on westbound El Toro Road.

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