California Department of Transportation

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General Information:

You may want to contact us with questions, concerns, comments or suggestions regarding the State Highway System. To find out if your question may have already been answered, please check our Frequently Asked Questions  section or search our website using the “search” field above. Enter key words in the “search” field and click the “Go” button.

To get general information about Caltrans and its services, please contact us at (916) 654-2852.

To get information about Caltrans in a specific county, please contact our local Caltrans district.

To write to a particular Caltrans employee, please contact the employee by sending an email.

To share your comments about Caltrans activities or its employees’ actions, please provide your feedback.

Traffic or Work Zone Concerns:

To report traffic or work zone related concerns such as traffic flow, freeway metering, messages on changeable message signs, length of work zones, ramp closures, etc., please share your Traffic or Work Zone Concern with Caltrans.

Maintenance Service Request:

To submit a request for maintenance such as repair of pot holes, broken sprinklers, malfunctioning signals, downed, broken or missing signs, litter, graffiti, landscaping, highway lighting, sign visibility, rough pavement, broken traffic signals, etc., please submit a Maintenance Service Request to Caltrans.

Disability Access Request (Infrastructure):

To report an access barrier such as a missing curb ramp, sidewalk that is too narrow for wheelchairs to pass, lack of detectable warnings for vision impaired individuals, inaccessible pedestrian push buttons at traffic signals, etc., on the State Highway System infrastructure, please submit an ADA Access Request or contact the ADA Infrastructure Program at (866) 810-6346.

Disability Awareness Concerns (Programs, Services or Activities):

To report any difficulty experienced in accessing Caltrans programs, services or activities or any discriminations covered under the American with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact us at (866) 810-6346, TTY 711

Damage Claim:

To file a damage claim for lost money, or property, or property damaged because of Caltrans, please follow the instructions on Filing a Damage Claim against Caltrans.

Report Caltrans Vehicle Misuse and/or Driver Issue:

To report the misuse of a Caltrans vehicle or behavior of a Caltrans driver, let us know by clicking here and completing a brief questionnaire.

Contact Feedback:

To share your experience in contacting Caltrans, please fill out our Customer Service Survey.