Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Annual Reports

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The settlement agreement, ordered by the court and entered into by and among all parties to the class action lawsuit, requires that for thirty years Caltrans complete an annual report providing sufficient information to allow the plaintiffs' attorneys to evaluate whether Caltrans is complying with the terms of the settlement agreement. The first report being due within 180 days after the close of FY 2010–2011 (that is, by December 27, 2011).

The annual report includes information on Caltrans' compliance with the settlement agreement. It includes Caltrans' accomplishments for each of the ten reporting requirements, as noted in the settlement agreement.

The Legislative Analyst's Office Supplemental Report of the 2010–11 Budget Package, Business, Transportation & Housing, Item 2660–001–0042—California Department of Transportation required Caltrans to report annually for three years to the fiscal and policy committees of the Legislature and the Legislative Analyst's Office information about Caltrans' ADA compliance program and efforts related to the settlement of lawsuits regarding violations of the ADA

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Contact Information

Physical Address:

California Department of Transportation
ADA Infrastructure Program
1823 14th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Mailing Address:

California Department of Transportation
ADA Infrastructure Program
1120 N. Street, MS 48
Sacramento, CA 95814

ADA Program Manager:

Lawrence Wooster
Phone (office): (916) 324-8367
Phone (cell): (916) 995-5935

General Information:

Phone: (866) 810-6346 (Toll Free)
Local: (916) 324-1999 (Local)
TTY: 711
Email: ADA Compliance Office

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