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STARS Information

Caltrans is proud to release STARS2, its new web-based permit application system. Read more about it here in the formal announcement (.pdf).

NEW! Visit the STARS2 resources page to learn more about the new system and get started.

The Caltrans Single-Trip Application and Routing System (STARS) is an electronic method for customers to obtain single trip oversize/overweight transportation permits.  Permit users are eligible to receive the STARS software.

Through the Internet, STARS customers submit single-trip applications with pre-cleared routes to Caltrans for review and approval.  The STARS program significantly improves turnaround time for customers and streamlines Caltrans application processing.  Caltrans permit writers can accept or deny applications with a single mouse click, and immediately return the processed application.

The pre-routing feature has been a significant advantage to both the customer and the State’s DOT operations by reducing the permit processing time.

STARS Program Features:

  • Batch processing to streamline the handling of multiple applications;
  • Templates to provide quick set up, easy editing and minimized redundant vehicle data entry;
  • Route clearing to provide current route restrictions based on vehicle dimensions, list detours, and enhance accuracy;
  • Printable approved permits and reports for the customer's printer – not on fax machine; and,
  • Security to protect customer's privacy.

STARS Customer Requirements:

  • A Caltrans debtor account.
  • Pentium Class PC with a minimum of 32MB RAM, and 50MB of free disk space.
  • Internet access.

Establishing a debtor account:

Customers interested in participating in the STARS program should contact the main Permits office phone number: (916) 322-1297 to apply for a Caltrans debtor account, if one does not already exist, with the information listed on the following form: Debtor and STARS Account Information (.doc).

Once the debtor account has been established, Email the STARS IT Technical Support Team with your phone number and you will receive a return call within one business day to finish establishing your account.

Permit applications submitted through the STARS program are processed identically to the faxed in applications. Applications submitted through STARS are more accurate and reliable because the routing is entered by the customer. The routes are then verified using constraints that help minimize errors. Permit writers can also correct and/or modify the Permit application when needed.

STARS Permit fees are the same as the current single-trip permit, $16.00, and billed on a monthly basis through the Caltrans debtor account.

STARS Routing Database:

Access to the Route Clearing Database now requires installing updated Citrix software. The updated software can be found here. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the software may be found here. The updated STARS system no longer requires installing Access ’97 on your computer. You may want to consider using STARS instead of submitting applications by fax.

The Route Clearing database may be viewed without establishing a debtor account by clicking on the links below:

For more information, contact STARS IT Technical Support Team.
For general information regarding STARS and/or questions on extralegal permits, contact the Transportation Permits Office.
For new STARS customer training, contact STARS Training Team.


Revised 7/13/15