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California Freight Mobility Plan (DRAFT)

TheCalifornia Freight Mobility Plan (CFMP) public-review draft has been released for review and made available on this webpage. While reviewing the document, please focus on making contextual, high-level comments, and limit minor editing and word-smithing. To track and respond to comments as efficiently as possible, we have developed a Comment Template. Please use this document to submit your comments. Email the completed Comment Template to

The due date for CFMP Public Review Draft comments is July 31, 2014.

This is not the final draft, so there will be additional opportunities to comment as the review and update process progresses. If you would like to receive notifications regarding the CFMP and the review process, please email to be included on the mailing list.

California Freight Mobility Plan Delivery Schedule


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California Freight Mobility Plan (DRAFT) Document

Executive Summary and Introduction

Section I

Policies, Strategies, and Implementation

Section II

Freight System Assets, Condition, Performance, and Forecast

Section III

Context of Freight Issues in California


Fact Sheets



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