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Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM)

What is the Project Development Procedures Manual?

The Project Development Procedure Manual provides the framework of policies and procedures for developing State highway improvement projects.

How can I get a copy of the manual?

Printed copies of the Project Development Procedures Manual are not available. The most current version of the manual is available on this web page. The manual is continually and incrementally updated to reflect changes in policy and procedures. The current version date for each chapter and appendix is shown in the right column of the table of contents on this web page.

The entire manual can be printed from the PDPM-Chapters.pdf Warning:  Large file, may take some time to download. and PDPM-Appendices.pdf Warning:  Large file, may take some time to download. electronic files. However, it is the responsibility of the manual holder to check this web page for the most up-to-date version of individual chapters and appendices of the manual.

Individual chapters can be downloaded directly from this web page.

How are manual changes noted?

When a chapter or appendix receives a comprehensive update, the date will be updated on all pages within the chapter or appendix to coincide with the date of the manual change transmittal. The locations of revisions are denoted by a vertical line within the outside margin of the manual.

New labels are added to the table of contents to indicate that the manual change has occurred in the last six months and a general description of the comprehensive update is included in the Manual Change section.

For other updates that are not comprehensive, the date is not changed within the chapter or appendix and usually there is no manual change transmittal, but a letter is appended to the existing date and the locations of revisions are denoted by a vertical line within the outside margin of the manual. The letter codes are:

A – Addendum              A minor error was discovered after publishing and text was added or corrected
L – Link                        At least one hyperlink was updated
M – Modification            A minor change was made to keep the manual internally consistent

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How can I propose changes to the manual?

Changes can be proposed by submitting a Project Development Procedures Manual Revision Request to the PDPM editor:

Project Development Procedures Manual
Table of Contents

Description PDF version Version Date
PDPM Title Page Under revision  
Foreword PDPM-Foreword.pdf 01/09/09
PDPM Revision Request PDPM-Revision-Request.pdf 09/29/14
Table of Contents PDPM-Table-of-Contents.pdf 12/24/14
Part 1 - General Information (Chapters 1 through 7)
Introduction Chapter 1 07/01/99
Roles and Responsibilities Chapter 2 12/15/07
Involvement of Caltrans Functional Units Chapter 3 09/02/08
Programming Chapter 4 07/01/99
PYPSCAN Deleted, see Guide to Project Delivery Workplan Standards
Project Cost, Scope, and Schedule Changes Chapter 6 12/15/07
Uniform File System Chapter 7 12/15/07
Part 2 - The Project Development Process (Chapters 8 through 15)
Overview of Project Development Chapter 8 03/20/14M
Project Initiation NewChapter 9 12/24/14A
Formal Project Studies Chapter 10 03/20/14L
Public Hearing Chapter 11 12/17/08L
Project Approvals and Changes to Approved Projects Chapter 12 06/20/12L
Project Related Permits, Licenses, Agreements, Certifications, and Approvals Chapter 13 03/20/14L
Preparation of Project Plans Chapter 14 06/21/13L
Final Project Development Procedures Chapter 15 03/04/10L
Part 3 - Specific Project Development Procedures (Chapters 16 through 32)
Cooperative Agreements Chapter 16 07/09/14L
Encroachments in Caltrans' Right of Way Chapter 17 06/21/13
Environmental Contamination Chapter 18 02/28/06L
Value Analysis Chapter 19 06/14/13M
Project Development Cost Estimates NewChapter 20 10/09/14L
Exceptions to Design Standards Chapter 21 06/21/13M
Community Involvement Chapter 22 07/01/99
Route Adoptions Chapter 23 07/01/99
Freeway Agreements Chapter 24 07/01/99
RelinquishmentsNew Chapter 25 12/12/14
Disposal of Rights of Way for Public or Private Road Connections Chapter 26 10/08/07
New Public Road Connections Chapter 27 10/08/07
Resolutions of Necessity Chapter 28 12/15/07
Landscape Architecture Chapter 29 06/21/13
Highway Traffic Noise Abatement Chapter 30 06/18/09
Nonmotorized Transportation FacilitiesNewChapter 31 10/31/14
Lands and Buildings Facilities Chapter 32 09/02/08
Appendices (A-X) Preparation Guidelines for Project Development Initiation and Approval Reports (There are many instances where the template topics may not match the appendix; the templates relfect the current practice and take precedence over the appendix) pdpmapd1.pdf
Description PDF version Template Appendix
Version Date
Appendices A-Q Preface pdpmpre1.pdf NA 07/01/99
Combined Project Study Report-Project Report
Appendix A
PSR-PR 04/29/13
Expenditure Authorization Project Report Appendix B NA 07/01/99
Facility Project Study Report (Lands and Buildings) Appendix C FPSR 04/29/13
Project Report (New Highway Planting or Roadside Rehabilitation) Appendix D PR 01/10/14
Project Study Report Data Sheet (New Highway Planting) And Project Study Report Data Sheet (Highway Planting Restoration) Appendix E *See note 1 below 01/18/05
Noise Barrier Scope Summary Report Deleted
Project Scope Summary Report (Roadway Rehabilitation) Appendix G

PSSR 04/29/13
Capital Preventive Maintenance Project Report Appendix H CAPM PR 03/20/14
Permit Engineering Evaluation Report Appendix I PEER 07/29/07
Project Information Report Deleted
Project Report Appendix K PR 06/21/13
Project Study Report Appendix L PSR
Project Report (Safety Roadside Rest Area) Appendix M *See note 1 below 01/18/05
Damage Assessment Form Deleted, see Major Damage and Director's orders website for form
Project Scope Summary Report (Structure Rehabilitation)
Appendix P
PSSR 04/29/13
Project Report (Roadside Safety Improvements) Appendix Q PR 01/10/14
Small Capital Value Projects Project Initiation Document Appendix R SCVP PID 06/27/13M
Project Study Report-Project Development Support Project Initiation Document Appendix S PSR - PDS STIP
PSR - PDS Estimate
Bridge Maintenance Project Scope Summary Report Appendix T PSSR 06/27/13
Project Study Report (Safety Roadside Rest Area) Appendix X *See note 1 below 09/02/08
Appendices (BB-QQ) Project Development Forms and Letters plus Policy and Procedures Documents pdpmapd2.pdf
Cost Estimates Deleted, see Cost Estimating website for templates
Fact Sheets for Exceptions to Mandatory Design Standards Appendix BB Fact Sheet 10/09/12
Freeway Agreement NewAppendix CC Freeway Agreement 12/22/14M
Hazardous Waste Appendix DD apdx-dd.doc 07/01/99
Highway Planting “One Liner” and Design Intent Statement (DIS) Appendix EE apdx-ee.doc 01/18/05
Noise Abatement (See Appendix K)      
Project Data Checklists Appendix GG apdx-gg.doc 09/02/08
Public Involvement Appendix HH apdx-hh.doc 03/14/07
Rescissions Appendix II apdx-ii.doc 07/01/99
Resolutions of Necessity Appendix JJ apdx-jj.doc 12/15/07
Structures Deleted
Utilities Appendix LL apdx-ll.doc 07/01/99
Value Analysis Deleted, see Value Analysis website for forms
Record of FHWA Involvement Form Appendix NN Record of FHWA Involvement 07/16/07
Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Pavements Deleted, see Life-Cycle Cost Analysis website for procedure
Preparation Guidelines for Survey File Appendix QQ Additional Instructions
Datum Listing
Proj Ref List 8x14
Project Ref List

* Note (1): The current report template can be obtained from Dawn Grinstain, SHOPP Program Advisor in the Landscape Architecture Program.

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