Our Mission

Providing qualified contractors with a fair opportunity to bid on Department construction contracts that are:

  • Uniform statewide and aid efficient construction administration
  • Full, complete, and accurate

The Division of Engineering Services - Office Engineer is composed of four offices:

  • Construction Contract Awards
  • Construction Contract Standards
  • Construction Contracting Coordination and Quality Program
  • Contracting Systems

We develop, advertise, and award quality Minor A, Major Construction, and Maintenance contracts for the districts and deliver those contracts to Construction.


Electronic Bidding Update

Caltrans is pleased to announce that implementation of electronic bidding on highway construction contracts has begun. Caltrans has chosen the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Trns*port Expedite Bid software as its electronic bidding solution. Expedite is integrated with Info Tech's Bid Express Internet Bidding Service (Bidx) for the submittal of electronic bids through the Internet. more ...

Design-Build Demonstration Program

Enter Design-Build site to view the Department's draft documents for the Design-Build Demonstration Program.

If you need help with bonding, check out the Small Business Administration's Technical Assistance Bonding programs at www.sba.gov