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Caltrans Seeks Public Input on Statewide Rail Plan

SACRAMENTO – Caltrans, which manages two of the nation’s busiest passenger rail lines, is asking its rapidly growing passenger base what they think about rail systems in the Golden State. Read More...

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Access real-time traffic information here. Monitor traffic congestion and incidents, lane closures, chain control information, changeable message signs and traffic speeds on freeways and local roads statewide.

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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in partnership with the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) will be realigning portions of State Route 99 from Clinton Avenue to Ashlan Avenue 80 to 100 feet to the west. The realignment is part of the high-speed rail corridor of projects within the Merced to Fresno project section.

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California State Rail Plan
In California, a rail renaissance is underway. Ridership is approaching record levels. Growing numbers of Californians find train travel to be a smart transportation option as gas prices climb and freeways become more congested.

Calmentor Program

Recent Meetings:

October 21, 2015 Stockton: Mixer - Event information

August 25, 2015, Quarterly Meeting: Event Information

January 20, 2015 Fresno: Meeting - Event information

For more information: Trichelle Suntrapack

Read more about the Calmentor Program…

e-Trip LogoIn accordance with the Central Valley Air District's "e-TRIP" program, Caltrans, District 6, has created these posters to both educate people on the need for clean air in our valley, and provide information on how to look into alternative transportation options that will help clean the air that we all breathe.
The posters are free for everyone concerned about air quality to use. You can download the poster and help 'join the revolution'.

11" x 17" Poster PDF 6.41MB
35" x 48" Poster PDF 10MB

More information here.

Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project
Caltrans in cooperation with the City of Fresno, proposes to reconstruct the Fulton Mall as a complete street by reintroducing vehicle traffic lanes to the existing pedestrian mall to economically revitalize the area.



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State Route 145 - Intersection Improvement Project
This project will improve traffic safety at the intersection of State Route 145 and Jensen Avenue, about a half mile south of the City of Kerman, in Fresno County by constructing a roundabout.

State Route 99 Avenue 12 Interchange

State Route 99 - Avenue 12 Interchange
The purpose of this project is to make operational improvements to the State Route 99 and Avenue 12 Interchange within Madera County in order to upgrade the existing interchange.   These improvements will improve safety and accommodate future traffic demands on this interchange. 

Kings Canyon Expressway Segment 2 Project Logo

State Route 180 East - Kings Canyon Expressway - Segment 2
This 2.7 mile segment will replace the existing two-lane conventional highway to a new 4-lane Expressway extending from just west of Quality Avenue to just west of Smith Road near the community of Centerville. This new expressway will facilitate improved traffic flow within this urban area and continues the extension eastward and serves as the gateway to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. State Route (SR) 180 not only links Fresno counties eastern communities and National Park areas with vital regional services, but also serves as the primary agricultural goods movement corridor for eastern Fresno County. This expressway is of growing importance for commuters from the surrounding rural areas and neighboring communities and will improve congestion along local streets, reduce travel time and increase motorist safety.

Read more about the Kings Canyon Expressway Project Segment 2...

Bakersfield 99 Widening Logo

Bakersfield 99 Widening Projects
The purpose of this project is to ensure safe and smooth traffic operations and to reduce congestion on State Route 99 by adding an additional lane in each direction. This project is intended to relieve traffic congestion, improve traffic operations, facilitate goods movement and provide for more efficient transportation circulation through this section of State Route 99 within the Bakersfield city limits.

More information here...

19th Ave. Interchange Logo

State Route 198 and 19th Avenue
The purpose of this project is to improve traffic operations and safety at this location. The capacity of this segment of State Route 198 will be increased by converting the existing at-grade intersection to an interchange. This enhancement will upgrade this segment of State Route 198 from an expressway to a freeway, enhancing commuter mobility and daily movement of goods and services.

More information here...

SR 99 San Joaquin River Logo

State Route 99 San Joaquin River Six-Lane Project
The purpose of this project is to improve the operational characteristics of a 2.9 mile segment of State Route 99 by reducing congestion and delays while improving vehicle traffic flow from just south of Grantland Avenue in Fresno County near the City of Fresno to just north of Avenue 7 in Madera County.

State Route 99, within the project limits, is a four-lane divided freeway. This project will ease congestion, improve mobility, decrease commute times and enhance safety along this portion of State Route 99 by expanding the capacity.

More information including commuter alerts here...

Tulare To Goshen Logo

State Route 99 Tulare to Goshen Widening Project
This capacity increasing project proposes to improve mobility and reliability and reduce congestion by widening State Route 99 to add lanes. The project continues the objective of widening all of Route 99 to a minimum of a six-lane freeway throughout the San Joaquin Valley. This project will facilitate goods movement and reduce delays. This project will also improve connectivity by continuing the extension of a six-lane freeway south through northern Tulare County for an additional 4 miles. Reducing congestion at this project location will improve safety.

24th Street Improvement Project Logo

24th Street Improvement Project
The project proposes to improve State Route 58 (Rosedale Highway) and State Route 178 (24th Street) from the southbound State Route 99 ramp intersection to 0.2 miles east of M Street. The project may include improvements for a SR 99 northbound auxiliary lane for the Rosedale Highway exit. The project would widen 24th Street to accommodate an additional lane in each direction, improve the SR 99 southbound on-ramp, construct a northbound auxiliary lane along SR 99 south of 24th Street, make improvements to all approaches at the Oak Street/24th Street intersection, and add one lane on 23rd Street and 24th Street. The project also proposes to construct sound walls in specific areas, modify the “S” curve between C and Drake Streets, and add concrete medians to restrict turn movements to improve operations and safety.

Calmentor Program

Save The Date: June 1st, 2015
9th Annual Caltrans District 6 Scholarship Golf Tournament.

*Proceeds fund college scholarships in transportation related fields.

Registration Now Open!

Madera 99 Rehab Project Logo

Project Mission
The purpose of this design-build project delivery method is to streamline this project by overlapping design and construction phases and completing this project up to a year ahead of schedule saving taxpayer dollars while improving safety. This project will rehabilitate failed Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) panels with full depth asphalt concrete along the #2 truck lanes in both directions on Highway 99 from just south of the South Madera Overcrossing to just north of the Avenue 16 overcrossing within the City of Madera. An asphalt overlay of all lanes and shoulders located within this section will also be included.

Read more about the Madera 99 Rehab Project including Commuter Alerts

State Route 145 Intersection Improvement Project State Route 145 Intersection Improvement Project
The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to improve the intersection of State Route 145 and Jensen Avenue (post mile 32.8/33.4) one-half mile south of the Kerman city limits in Fresno County, California. Read more about the Intersection Improvement Project…

Braided Ramps Project

State Route 180 Braided Ramps Project
The proposed project would construct new braided branch connections between State Routes 41, 180, and 168 to improve traffic operations, reduce congestion, and enhance traffic safety within freeway-to-freeway interchanges. Along the proposed new branch connections, two new separate structures would be constructed and the existing First Street undercrossing would be widened. Click to View Project/Construction Pics

Media Advisory - Caltrans and R&L Brosamer to Host Press Conference Today (January 4, 2013) PDF 164 kb


Open House Announcement - Wednesday, August 22, 2012 PDF 270 kb

Project Hotline Toll Free Number, 1-(855)265-6118, TTY Users-711 PDF 262 kb

For more information on this project, please visit: Read more about the Braided Ramps Project…

State Route 180 Westside Expressway Route Adoption

State Route 180 Westside Expressway Route Adoption
The Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is proposing that the California Transportation Commission adopt a new segment of State Route 180, from Interstate 5 to the end of the freeway portion of State Route 180, near Valentine in the city of Fresno. Caltrans would recommend the alternative determined to offer the most appropriate location for an ultimate four-lane expressway for State Route 180 to the commission following public and resource agency review of the route adoption study. The formal approval of the extension of State Route 180 would enable Caltrans, in cooperation with local governments, to plan for future transportation projects needed within the corridor.
Read more about this study...

Kings Canyon Expressway project

State Route 180 East - Kings Canyon Expressway
This project proposes to construct the new 4-lane Kings Canyon Expressway from just east of Temperance Avenue to Quality Avenue on a 6-lane right of way alignment. This segment will complete over 6 miles of NEW Expressway on SR180 that will safely transport local goods, daily commuters and Valley tourists traveling throughout Fresno County. With the extension of segments beyond this 4-lane expressway in the near future, this route will continue to be improved eastward and serves as the gateway to Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks. Read more about the Kings Canyon Expressway Project...

Centennial Corridor Project

Centennial Corridor Project - Bakersfield
Extending State Route 58 westward beyond State Route 99 is a concept which has been studied repeatedly. In the past decade two studies were completed – the 1991 Tier 1 SR 58 Route Adoption and the Bakersfield System Study. During both studies opposition to a Westside Parkway Connection resulted in the selection of alternatives that were more expensive and less practical. Because of limited funding none of the selected alternatives moved beyond the conceptual study. Read more about the Centennial Corridor Project...



New Media Coverage - For more information on existing projects including fact sheets, press releases and related videos please visit our Media Coverage website.